From light-adaptive, polarized and tinted lenses to mirror coatings and sunglasses in fashionable styles.

Sun Lens Solutions


Sun solutions for every need

As an eye care professional, you know that most people are unaware they need prescription sunglasses. Customers are likely to look for a new pair of fashionable sunglasses instead, unaware that the lack of prescription and UV protection leads to visual discomfort. With our sun solutions, you can answer their every need. Your patients no longer have to compromise function for fashion. Enhance their visual comfort, performance and outdoor protection with sunglasses in the most fashionable styles.

Polarized lenses

Help your patients enjoy their time outdoors. With our polarized lenses, blinding reflections and visual discomfort are no longer an issue. Reduced glare and enhanced contrast offer supreme visual performance, comfort and protection.

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Tinted lenses

Colorful summers need colorful lenses. Offer your patients a variety of tinted lenses to enhance their vision for a range of activities. From sports to driving glasses and everyday spectacles, your customers will be able to add color to their summer look with functional tints.

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Mirror and Light Mirror

With our mirror coatings in seven eye-catching colors, you can give your patients the chance to express their personality and style, while reducing the discomfort caused by high light intensity. Our concave anti-reflection coatings are the perfect combination of high fashion and function, for those bright days in the sun.

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