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HOYA Lens UK win ‘The Lens Award’ with their innovative spectacle lens MiYOSMART at the Optician Awards 2022

On behalf of the all the team at HOYA, we are delighted with the news that our latest innovation MiYOSMART has won ‘The Lens Award’ at the Optician Awards 2022. Our customers and the Hoya team continue to work together to make a real difference in the myopia management category. We look forward to sharing our exciting plans to further develop this category, in order to support children all around the world.

Martin Batho, Managing Director of HOYA Lens UK.

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“Together, we are on a mission to curb myopia”

The number of children with myopia is on the rise. Thankfully, you can manage myopia progression with a simple, non-invasive solution. MiYOSMART spectacle lenses are designed to perform during all the activities children typically engage in. Provide your youngest patients with an effective visual solution that can slow down myopia progression and is also safe, light and highly impact resistant.

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