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Driven by passion for innovation and development, Hoya Vision is constantly moving boundaries. By use of extensive research and cutting-edge technology we provide tailored optimized experiences – both for the eye care professional and the spectacle wearer.

To us, whether you’re an eye care professional or a spectacle wearer, it’s all about constantly refining our processes and products for providing the very best services and products. Products and services that really improve the way you see life. The way you want it.

Machine holding Hoya Vision lens


Cutting-edge technology is key to perfection for every single spectacle wearer.

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Female having eyeglasses with Hoya Vision lenses fitted by a male optician


Hoya Vision quality goes far beyond the products. Quality is caring, the entire customer journey.

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Male optician using a tablet to measure a pair of eyeglasses with Hoya Vision lenses on a females face

A unique range

The unique product range sets the eye care professional apart.

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We understand your business concerns

Running an independent eye care practice can feel like you´re up against market forces beyond your control. Fortunately, you can choose to do business with companies that empower you. We at Hoya Vision can only succeed when you do. So let´s build an offensive to counter the market developments!

HOYA+YOU - The power of a harmonious partnership

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We believe that you should decide what is best for your practice. So we are there for you if you need us – we don’t dictate to you what to do.

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At Hoya Vision our mission is to help you build and protect your brand, not to push our own.

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Hoya Vision is interested in long-term relationships not short-term deals. That’s why we support you to differentiate your business - with technology, innovation and best business practice support.

These commitments are not just warm words, they are our promises to you.

And that’s what “HOYA+YOU” is all about. We are both dedicated the best in service, and if we work together, we can reach a level of performance that benefits us all.

Four grey tinted lenses lying beside each other on a table

Innovations – without restrictions

Hoya Vision offers a wide range of sophisticated lenses. You and your patients have the choice which one suits their needs best. And we not only enable you to confidently advise them – we also do not insist that you exclusively sell our brands.

Our product portfolio

Progressive lenses

Accurate eyewear for a seamless transition between near, intermediate and far

Single vision lenses

Different solutions for unprecedented clarity and total focus

Special situation lenses

Precise vision for indoor conditions, custom designs for kids and durable sports lenses

Anti-reflective coatings

Protection against environmental factor as blue or ultraviolet light

Photochromic lenses

For maximal comfort and convenience in changing environments

Tinted lenses

Trendy tints, polarised lenses, contrast enhancing tints and reflective treatments


Vision-centric tailored eywear for the most precise vision and perfect frame fit

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Product one

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Male and female wearing eye glasses in an optician using an iPad

Product two

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Hands holding an iPad looking at the Hoya Vision HVC viewer

Product three

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Hoya Vision the vision care blog for the eye care professional

The Vision Care Blog for the Eye Care Professional

Sharing thoughts and ideas, tips, industry insights and knowledge for the eye care professional.

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Hoya Vision the vision care blog for the eyeglass wearer

The Vision Care Blog for the Eyeglass Wearer

Sharing thoughts, useful tips and facts for the eyeglass wearer.

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Hoya Vision company offices with the european flag outside

The company

Where Hoya Vision leads, others follow. For 75 years, Hoya Vision’s revolutionary optical and healthcare solutions have been pushing technological boundaries for customers around the world. Lens design has advanced considerably over the years, but one thing has remained unchanged: the dedication to quality and innovation for which Hoya Vision has become known.

Hoya Vision works tirelessly to understand the individual needs of its customers. From the latest lens designs and thinnest, most durable materials to award-winning anti-reflective coatings and advanced vision examination technologies, Hoya Vision invests heavily in research and development. The result is a world-renowned range of products providing total eye care.

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Hoya Vision company offices with the european flag outside