Hoya Releases New Study Analyzing the Benefits of Driving Lenses

Recently, Hoya published its peer-reviewed article based on its clinical research about the effect of lenses for driving on your patients’ visual functions.

Driving can be straining, especially in low light conditions. 90% of drivers suffer from sun glare, blinding lights from oncoming traffic, reflections on wet roads, and poor vision at night or in bad weather. Click here to read more about our solution for vision issues while driving.


Our research illustrates how, compared to regular lenses, lenses for driving can maintain and even improve visual functions, such as mesopic visual acuity, visual acuity under glare, and contrast sensitivity, which are mainly attributed to the reduction of intraocular light scattering. 


Anyone who drives regularly can benefit from driving lenses. 


For more information, please read the full here.

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